Hi, my name is Snunit Liss and I am an Israeli author. 

My first novel, “Someone’s Secret”, was published in Israel in 2017 and in English in 2023. The Novel was chosen as a National Jewish Book Award finalist. My second book, “Nine Ways to Separate”, a collection of nine short stories, was published in Israel in 2022. Nowadays, I work on my third book - a novel.

I was born at Kibbutz Ein-Shemer in 1980 and have worked as a journalist, music critic, and as an entertainment and technology reporter. Today, I own a marketing content firm and research literature, trauma and disability as part of my master's thesis in the Israeli open university. 

I suffer from a rare medical condition that left me with various physical disabilities, so I write with a special eye-swipe typing keyboard. My writing often deals with disability, technology, and relationships.

I invite you to get to know my work and to contact me via this website.